The personalized competence based learning paths for VET (PE-LE)

The project supports the competence base of vocational education and vocational students’ international study paths. Students’ ability to move to traineeship improves. Finding suitable and lacking training skills will accelerate and become more flexible. The quality of learning environments from the point of view of the skills requirements and the learning outcomes, the quality of learning outcomes, the language skills of students, culture and society are improving.

A digital platform will be created to support and flexibly mobilize Europe. The platform supports a competence-based assessment. It also includes content and materials for the students of the coaching program and for the coaching staff. The digital platform provides information on European workplaces and on-the-job learning and learning environments.

The digital platform is open to the use of European educational institutions. The aim is to maximize the use and thus expand the database of business environments offered by businesses across Europe.

A plan for the dissemination of project results for products will be made at a project meeting in Barcelona. It also assesses what additional funding is available for the dissemination of project results, or is available, and a plan for obtaining future funding is drawn up. With XARXA network and digitization results, the results are naturally used even after the end of the project. Potentially appealing new funding will support mobility and further develop project products.